July 25, 2004

DNCblog 1: AM580 comes to Boston 

Sean Crawford of IPR's Statehouse bureau and I have made it to Boston and are currently working out all the requisite technical bugs before we go full-bore into reporting on the Democratic National Convention.  Boston appears ready, though from our vantage point at our lodging in the suburb of Brookline not far from Fenway Park, the buzz on the streets was more about last night's Red Sox win and accompanying on-field brawl (they were playing the Yankees, so a brawl isn't entrely surprising).  And even before the first gavel falls, we've noticed that the early star of the show, besides the obvious Kerry-Edwards ticket, is Illinois US Senate candidate Barack Obama.  A check of the TV schedule finds him on a number of Sunday pundit shows, and Obama delivers the DNC's keynote address Tuesday night.  He'll be the guest of honor at a Monday night reception as well.  We'll follow the reception Obama gets in general from delegates. Today we visit the Fleet Center for the first time to pick up credentials, and next stop will be the Illinois delegation's hotel.  It'll be a busy and interesting week! -Tom Rogers

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