July 29, 2004

DNCblog 4: Day the Last 

The convention in general reaches its peak tonight with John Kerry's acceptance speech, but for the Illinois delegation, the Obama speech marked the beginning of a little denouement.  As the state senator thanks the group, talk of the internal squabbling in the party comes back up.  But Jack Ryan's official withdrawal from the race today takes away one more question in the contest. Coincidentally, the heat and humidity are coming back up too -- Boston had been experiencing cool weather before now, which may have kept spirits higher than they dcould have been.  The Fleet Center is a cramped place crawling with people -- so cramped that the fire marshal kept people from entering the building for a half hour last night, long enough to make me wonder if I would make it back inside for the roll call vote.   But on the other hand, conventiongoers have been about the only people in downtown Boston this week. People took the threat of massive crowding seriously, and many locals stayed away from work.  The Boston Globe published a picture snapped by a visitor of a group of Boston motorcycle cops, posed in formation, standing at attention. The caption says that the photographer wanted a picture of a cop or two, but since they had nothing to do at the time, they decided to assemble and pose.

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