July 31, 2004

DNCblog 5: What I Did on My Summer Vacation 

The convention is over -- a bit early for the Illinois Public Radio contingent because fire marshals blocked further access into the Fleet Center well before John Kerry's acceptance speech Thursday night, leaving us the thousands of other media -- and some delegates! -- outside the venue. But what Illinois Democratic delegates have to say about Kerry and their support for him was documented well throughout the duration of their stay. We'll see how that support pans out in the fall, both statewide and in the national scheme of things. In a few weeks, IPR will do the same thing in New York, capturing the Illinois angle at the Republican National Convention. We've arranged reporter Jonathan Ahl to write a paragraph or two of his observations at this site. We'll be back here in a little over three weeks, and I'll be back on AM 580 Tuesday.

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