June 28, 2006

Summer Reading? 

Why do we focus on summer reading? Probably most of us read year round, but for readers there's something magical about a lazy summer day sprawled in a chair or hammock, a cool drink at the ready, and a chance to lose yourself in another time or place or life right at your fingertips. I'm one of those people who compile lists of books. I read a review and I think "I'll like that one," and I shove a little scrap of paper in my purse, where I can't find it the next time I'm at the library. If I'm lucky I'll remember part of the title or the author's last name. I get several book reviews emailed to me--one weekly from the Christian Science Monitor, and another one this summer from NPR. I'm always fascinated by what "real" people read. Does a neurosurgeon read philosophy? Can a scientist comprehend poetry? Do English majors read only novels? I listen to WILL's talk show hosts Celeste Quinn and David Inge whenever I have the chance. I know they read a lot. They've pointed me in directions I never thought I'd find myself--from a mystical trip with Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, by Susanna Clarke, I've been through a brick wall with Neil Gaiman's Coraline, and travelled through The Planets with Dava Sobel. But what do they read when they're not getting ready for an interview? I've asked David and Celeste and some of the other folks at WILL to share with all of us what they read and--we've added a twist to it--what music they like. Who would've guessed that TV program director David Thiel is a movie soundtrack junkie? And that AM 580 reporter Jeff Bossert is a fan of the movie "About a Boy," and the music that accompanies it. (We all know about Denise Perry's Clay Aiken fetish!) And that VideoWorks John Paul is a history buff who likes music from the 70s? Read some of their suggestions and add some of your own.

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