March 19, 2004

Dennis Kucinich interview 

Earlier this week, we had a pretty interesting hour-long interview with Dennis Kucinich. I could get flamed for this, because it sounds like blatant self-promotion since I did the interview. I could also get flamed because we did an interview with Dennis Kucinich but none of the other presidential candidates. That's not fair, is it? It sure looks like WILL has a favorite candidate! The point is, none of the other presidential candidates would give us 2 minutes, let alone an hour. One could argue WILL is a small-fry in the big media picture, and the big candidates are too busy to spend an hour with the public radio audience in Illinois. And Illinois is late in the chain of caucuses and primaries, so maybe it doesn't make sense to spend the candidates' valuable time trying to drum up Illinois primary votes. True, the presidential candidates used to give us interview time, but that was before they had expert consultants to help them script every message, every encounter. The candidates may be coached and scripted, but where does that leave actual dialogue? We do what we can, though it may not be enough.

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