March 17, 2004

Illinois Primary results 

This blog is not a place where I can vent my own political views, if any, nor celebrate or lament a particular candidate's passage thru the primary campaign meat grinder. All I can say about that is, I got one of those little I Voted stickers and earned it the hard way. (Yikes!! I just did a Google search to find an image and maybe get cute with a hyperlink, and found sooo many other people writing about getting their I Voted stickers. Oh well, too late, I wrote about it again.) Anyway, the WILLblog URL of the day has to be our Illinois Primary vote tally page, where one finds the static version of what last night was rather dynamic. It was fun punching the numbers into our too-clever little spreadsheet, with the phones ringing and the AP light flashing through the night. So this is really a gloat: We beat everyone else in our region, consistently, with the vote tally update. That and 3 bucks gets me a double soy latte at Cafe Kope, not counting the tip. Let's enjoy this brief pause before the election shifts into third gear.

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