March 05, 2004

RSS or just BS? 

Nobody can figure out if RSS is the new Internet killer ap or just another experiment. Heck, the whole Internet is an experiment, albiet one that surely will last for quite a while. RSS would probably be better if we knew what RSS stands for, but never mind that. Maybe we'll evolve a better acronym. (I'll accept nominations, though I don't know what I'll do with them.) Anyway, this marks our foray into the Feeding frenzy. Here is WILL's RSS URL, which you can look at on the web or add it to your RSS subscriptions if you have a reader. If you want to find an feed reader, please do check out atomenabled.org. And please tell me if you find a good free reader, and what you like about it. I mean, other than it's free... And what did Grace Slick say? Oh yeah, feed your head.

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