April 22, 2004

Chiefs and Chefs 

Pro Chief Illiniwek rally at Swanlund Admin Building As promised, Exhibit B, in which pro-Chief Illiniwek activists rally at the Swanlund Administration Building to demonstrate overwhelming support... OK, finals are just around the corner, and after all it was raining. The WILLblog newscam got a little soggy, but I resisted the call of those cheeseburgers lest I be co-opted to this or any other cause. This gentleman wasn't carrying any kind of sign, for or against anything, but he appeared to be enjoying his burger. Maybe there's a lesson there? Meanwhile, Students For Chief Illiniwek set up this spot to feed the masses and "honor the campus administrators" according to a spokesperson. Students for Chief Illiniwek at Swanlund Admin Building They were not happy about a couple of Native Americans stopping by with protest signs, but kept busy looking for university executives to feed. I would like to point out one very overlooked little web production, the statements of every single speaker at the April 14th, 2000 Chief Dialogue Intake Session, held at Foellinger Auditorium. It's unlikely most of the current membership of Students for Chief Illiniwek was even around then, so we provide this archive lest we have to repeat the whole thing every four years. I'm not sure we'll learn anything from it we don't already know, but on with the dialogue. In any event, those cheeseburgers sure smelled good.

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