April 13, 2004

The missing word in the August 6th PDB 

Finger-pointing in Washington? What a surprise. The 9-11 Commission has functioned amazingly well, non-partisanshipwise. But now the usual sources of spin are heating up the rhetoric over missed clues and misplaced priorities leading up to the tragedy of 9-11. Should someone now be blamed and pilloried? Senator Pat Roberts makes a good point that the blame should go to the highjackers who committed the atrocity. It's probably true that no-one in the U.S. government could have prevented it, and that hindsight is always 20-20. So the debate on the August 6th, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing has focused on the merits of blaming someone vs. the hindsight truism. That's all pretty much to be expected. You might want to read the August 6th PDB (in PDF format from the NPR site). Interestingly, no-one has mentioned that a certain word doesn't appear anywhere in the document. I'll buy you a latte if you correctly identify that word.

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