April 07, 2004

Public Commentary on WILL 

In these days of hype about the promise of interactive media, it continues to strike me that most of us remain passive recipients. The Big Broadcasting model has us sitting on our couches, vacantly consuming the output of the latest video device we can afford from the big box store. (Me, I still like my cheap radio, so call me a McLuhddite if you want.) I do believe in the power of the web and other interactive media, just not the version handed down from the high echelons of corporate integration. I think if you want the audience to contribute to the content, you can't so tightly control the message. And as my pal Marshall says, "the medium is the message..." The medium in this example is a commentary by Randall Cotten of the Champaign-Urbana group AWARE (the Anti-War Anti-Racism Effort) on the issue of weapons of mass destruction and the justification for the Iraq invasion. You can listen to it in RealAudio here. My only point here is someone bothered to write a commentary, approached WILL to see about getting it aired, and followed through to make it happen. Hey, it's called interactive media, although it used to be called community radio, but never mind that. Let's have more of it please.

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