May 24, 2004

Online News Attention Span 

"IEDs are the weapons of choice of the opposition. IEDS are hard to see. Insurgents place them in dead animals, in cement blocks under trash. A patrol can run upon one anywhere anytime. Then they detonate them when the army drives over them. Within one hour there may be as many as six in one area." Sherrlyn Borkgren is a freelance photojournalist for Aurora. Her website is borkgren.com. She's reporting from Iraq along with many other writers/photographers/online journalists you never see in the big mainstream news media. The above is from one of her dispatches published by The Digital Journalist, "A Multimedia Magazine for Photojournalism in the Digital Age." BTW, if you didn't figure it out, IEDs are Improvised Explosive Devices. Correspondents in Iraq have developed a certain familiarity with the unique acronyms of this war. But you probably won't learn them yourself, or really know what's going on, unless you go beyond the big broadcast picture and dig deep into the online news. So here's one great source. What are some of yours?

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