June 28, 2004

West Nile bites again 

Let's take a break from the usual WILLblog fare of war crimes and political sex scandals (see what's become of this innocent little effort?) to bring you some good news. West Nile virus hasn't affected humans in the midwest this year...yet. It has been found in birds, animals, and mosquitos, however, in all the midwestern states. The Centers for Disease Control has an extensive West Nile Virus resource page with maps and other helpful info, if you want to stay informed. Our good friend Sandy Mason from the University of Illinois Extension says most mosquito bites come from mosquitos breeding in your own yard, or close enough you can take measures to stop reproduction. The simplest thing is empty those bird baths (or keep them fresh), and check your gutters to see if they have standing water. Then if you have time, please come and check mine!

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