June 03, 2004

Yellow Apples for the Illinois Budget 

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich says he gets along just fine with House Speaker Michael Madigan. To prove this during their last budget meeting he served the Speaker his favorite yellow delicious apples sliced the way he likes them. The Governor then explained that Madigan seems like he wants a tax increase to solve the state's huge budget gap. During an election year, or any other time, them's fighting words, spoken by the Governor in an interview with WUIS's Bill Wheelhouse. The Democrats control the Governor's mansion, the Illinois House, and the Senate, but couldn't pass a state budget prior to June 1st. Now a three-fifths majority rule kicks in, which means passing a budget gets really hard. But what's even harder for all the state institutions and employees is not knowing if and when they'll have a budget, or even a job for the coming year. Let them eat apples.

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