September 13, 2004

Passing of a Fellow Blogger 

WILLblog has never been very hip to the incestuous aspect of blogging, wherein all the bloggers blog each other's blogs. We figured too many uses of the word 'blog' would, well, just blog down after a certain point. Which makes me even sadder to report the death of a true blog pioneer, the voice behind Uppity-Negro.com, Aaron Hawkins. His daily postings were always insightful, funny, and occasionally even profound. Here is a guy who was truly in the loop, had something to say, and the talent as a writer to make the reading worthwhile. Uppity-Negro was relevant, and gave us an example of something on the web that matters. I don't know if anything we do here is really going to last. But for some reason I have faith that good writing matters, and by that measure at the very least, Aaron's life counted for something important. We'll miss you Aaron, but long live Uppity-Negro.

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