September 02, 2004

RNCBlog3 - Glitter and be Gay 

This morning the pattern of the RNC was thrown for a bit of a loop when comments U-S Senate Candidate Alan Keyes made about homosexuals become common knowledge. Keyes reiterated his long standing view that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, and that sex is an act that should only be performed when procreation is a possible outcome. He said those who do otherwise are "selfish hedonists". That in itself probably wasn't a big deal -- only a restatement of Mr Keyes long standing beliefs. What got him into trouble was a question from a reporter about Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter. Keyes said by his definition, she would be one of those "selfish hedonists." Now moderate Republicans in Illinois have a long history of understanding members of the conservative branch of the tree have different views. For the most part, they have been able to peacefully coexist. But they draw the line at attacking (either directly or indirectly) the daughter of the Vice-President. Former Governor Jim Thompson called Keyes comments "offensive" and "extreme". State Party Chair Judy Baar Topinka called them "idiotic". Even the conservative Republicans from Illinois here in New York couldn't defend Keyes, and challenged him to focus on the Republican ideals of job creation, lower taxes, better defense, and less and more efficient government. The day's events seemed to be the final straw for many candidates that have suffered Keyes since his appointment to the ticket. On the shuttle buses around New York, Illinois delegates said things like "Why can't he just tone it down a bit", "Too bad we couldn't have a more mainstream candidate", and even"we would be better off if Jack Ryan stayed in the race." There is no doubt in my mind Mr. Keyes represents the feelings of many Republicans in Illinois. But those people don't seem to be represented by the Illinois Delegation. How many there are will, in part, be ferreted out by the November election. As an aside, "Equality Illinois", a Chicago-based gay rights group held a quickly put-together martini reception in the Illinois delegation hotel tonight at midnight. There were only 20 people there. But some of them were Republican delegates.

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