October 13, 2004

The Public Square: air space for your voice 

WILLblog apologizes for spotty postings of late. Heck, I've basically been AWOL, but I do have about 10 thousand legit excuses, and too little sleep to prove it. I have so much to tell you about, to catch up if that's even possible. I'll begin with an (overdue) pointer to The Public Square on WILL-AM. Avid WILLblog readers (?!) will recall a bit of controversy involving WILL-AM's commentary policy. (See my original WILLblog post on this.) When you say you'll open up the airwaves for community commentaries, but then get a bit picky about the content of said commentaries, people get upset. In fact some rules are necessary, such as a prohibition on libelous remarks. Plus we really do have limited air time to offer, and if 100 people want their 3 minutes this week, it ain't gonna happen. So how does a radio station with limited staff determine who gets their piece on the air? What we decided was first come, first served. As long as you don't go ad hominem on somebody, you can write about anything your heart desires. We'll record and air it. But we're limited to one commentary per week, so if 100 people submit commentaries to The Public Square, we'll just have to say "take a number." The Public Square is unlike anything on any other radio station I know of. You got something to say? Then say it. We'll even archive it on our web site. This provides further proof that 1) WILL is the most responsive community radio station you ever dreamed of; and 2) We are definately off our rocker.

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