December 28, 2004

RSS Feeds from NPR on WILL site 

Want news of a particular stripe any time of day? The web serves it up alright, but it can be tough slogging through the noise to find the signal. RSS, a sort-of new technology for updating content through something called a 'feed,' makes it easier to find specific channels of information. NPR now offers RSS feeds on a wide range of topics, from world news to religion to the environment. You can 'subscribe' to these RSS feeds if you have an RSS reader, which is usually a program you install on your computer. Or you can find a web site that 'aggregates' the RSS feeds for you. That's what we're up to as of today on the WILL site. Imaging getting the most current news from NPR in whatever detail you want, organized by subject category. That's pretty much what you'll find on WILL's RSS News Page. We've only scratched the surface here in terms of other great feeds we could provide. If you want us to add something, just let me know.

I'm adding other feeds to the page mentioned here, including one for WILLblog. And I started one for Focus 580, though I don't know if I'll be able to update it every day unless I find a better method. We're trying! Please let me know with a comment or by email if you know of an RSS feed we should add.
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