January 18, 2005

More on RSS Feeds from public broadcasting 

RSS seems like Really Sweet Stuff. To recap, what it means is you can 'subscribe' to sources on the web who publish an RSS feed, and get their latest information, stories, or rants automatically. Lots of blogs have RSS feeds, and most of the well-funded news sites. WILLblog even has one, though it's formatted as a Atom feed which is a slight variation of RSS. To view RSS feeds you need an RSS reader, which is either a stand-alone desktop program, or a plug-in for Outlook, or...well there's now a variety of RSS feed reader options. You don't have to be a geek but it might help. Here's a really great article on CNET with the basic terms, and links to download RSS readers. WILL provides a web page displaying RSS feeds from a number of credible sources, and also from WILLblog. ;-] This page does the feed reading for you so you don't need to download or install anything but your own browser. In case you're interested it's built with VBScript. We'll be adding to the feed list as time goes by. Meanwhile, if you have your own RSS reader and want some great RSS sources, NPR provides a web page from which you can subscribe to NPR new content by category. And I just found this RSS page on the New Hampshire Public Radio site, which now offers 7000 different feeds! How do they do it? It must be magic...

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