March 24, 2005

More journalism awards for WILL-AM 

OK, this is just pure bragging but I believe it's justified. Here's a note from the hardest working man in public radio, WILL Radio station manager and program director Jay Pearce:
The results of the Illinois Associated Press Broadcasters Association's 2004 Journalism Excellence Contest were released over the weekend. And I'm proud to announce that WILL-AM 580 won two awards in the Downstate Radio competition! * 2nd place in the Best Series/Documentary category for "Bridging the Achievement Gap" - by Tom Rogers and Jim Meadows. Their pieces were part of a larger overall initiative that included the efforts of many at WILL and our partner, The News-Gazette. I think it's fantastic that this project (which is a great example of the positive impact we are able to have on the community) has be recognized with this award. You can revisit it at: http://www.will.uiuc.edu/community/townhall/default.htm * 2nd place in the Best Editorial/Commentary category for Meg Minor's "Public Square" commentary about honoring veterans on Veterans Day. I think it's outstanding that the judges recognized the excellence of Meg's piece. I also think this emphasizes the value of "The Public Square" as a vehicle for members of the community to express their thoughts and ideas. You can hear Meg's commentary again on "The Public Square" archive page: http://will.uiuc.edu/community/publicsquare/archives.html Again, my congratulations to Tom, Jim, Meg and all who contributed to this award-winning work...and my sincere appreciation to everyone whose contributions make it possible for WILL Radio to have a positive effect on the lives of thousands of people in Illinois, Indiana and around the world on a daily basis! As President of the Illinois Associated Press Broadcasters Association...I will be proud to hand these awards out to our folks at the Illinois News Broadcasters Association convention next month in Decatur. I'd also like to point out that of the 18 awards to be handed out...13 will go to public radio stations! An extremely good showing by our Illinois Public Radio members!

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