April 28, 2005

WILL Special Events Archives 

Either we're too ambitious or have too much time on our hands. Lately we're out there videotaping things seemingly just for the heck of it. But all of it has value, so we just set up a web page for our community events streaming archives. Hope you enjoy it as the thing grows. Here are some sample images from one recent event, the Illinois/Kiwanis Club Annual Basketball Banquet, held April 12th at the Urbana Holiday Inn. Illinois Basketball head coach Bruce Weber Given the amazing season in this Centennial-year celebration of Illinois basketball, you might say there was some love in the room. Bruce Weber even had his voice mostly back. I spoke with the very talented forward Warren Carter as this event was wrapping up, who seemed to not be thrilled that conditioning work was to start the next morning. I'd gladly trade places with him, but the shoes wouldn't fit. Ice sculpture of Chief Illiniwek I'm throwing this in here just for, um, 'fun,' since it seems the controversy over Chief Illiniwek got a bit lost amid the quest for Illinois' first national basketball championship. This ice sculpture of the Chief withstood the lights for one night, but it's probably melted by this time. A metaphor perhaps?

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