June 24, 2005

Farewell to The Jazz Corner with Mick Woolf on WILL-FM 

I found out a couple of days ago that this Saturday night will be the last broadcast of The Jazz Corner on WILL-FM. Program Director Jake Schumacher says due to cost increases in just about every area, he's making several changes to keep the FY 2005 WILL-FM budget roughly equal to last year's. Several other changes will be made to the WILL-FM program schedule, and WILLblog will cover those too. But we're too sad about losing Mick Woolf to continue right now. So let's let Mick have the last word for today:
"Each Saturday night over the last 16 years, I have hosted The Jazz Corner. I have enjoyed exploring and sharing a wide variety of music with the listeners, meeting many local and legendary jazz musicians along the way. It's been an honor to hear from callers ranging in age and experiences from high school jazz band players to jazz lovers and musicians into their 80's. Because of all this, I am sorry to say that due to budgetary challenges and programmatic changes affecting WILL and public radio in general, the final edition of The Jazz Corner will air this Saturday night at 10 PM. "While WILL has offered jazz programming over the course of many years, with nationally syndicated programs, the locally produced Jazz Corner has been a staple broadcast service to the listeners in our community for at least 20 years. "I want to personally thank former Station Manager Dan Simeone, former Music Director Nancy Stagg, and former classical and Jazz Corner host, Michael Rothe (who hosted the show for at least four years) for the great opportunity to host this program beginning in July of 1989. Thanks as well to Paul Wienke for all his great efforts in teaming up for the Jazz Live series for several years, augmenting the Saturday night jazz programming by giving the local musicians an opportunity to be heard on public radio, giving WILL a chance to spread its wings in aspiring to fulfill this aspect of its mission as well. "I hope that in WILL's future decision making processes that the station will remain mindful of the importance of a collaborative and inclusive approach by drawing upon the experiences of staff, both on and off air, that can lead to a creative exchange of ideas and options for the station and the listening community in the midst of the challenges of balancing budgets, programming, and ties to the community. "Tune in one for the final edition of The Jazz Corner at 10PM Saturday night. Farewell and good luck to all.--Mick"

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