June 22, 2005

WILL-AM to drop American Public Media Programs... 

...like Sound Money, As It Happens, and A Prairie Home Companion. Let's have WILL Radio Station Manager Jay Pearce explain (from an email sent to staff):
I'll be putting out a mass message on this soon, but wanted you to receive heads up first. Due to budget considerations, AM 580 will be de-affiliating with American Public Media. This means that as of September 3rd, AM 580 will no longer be airing Sound Money, As It Happens, A Prairie Home Companion or Writer's Almanac. This was not an easy decision, but a necessary one. As you may recall, APM was formed in the last couple of years...taking with it several programs previously under the PRI tent. This forced us to pay an additional affiliation fee which we, and a number of other stations, can no longer afford. We will be making arrangements to replay A Prairie Home Companion on WILL-FM. And soon I will be able to tell you what will air in place of these programs on AM 580. I think it's safe to say you can expect other changes as negotiations with NPR and PRI continue. I'll let Jake speak for the FM. Thanks for your understanding...I thought you might appreciate the official word as it is at this moment. These things tend to undergo some interesting changes as they make their way through the grape vine. Yes, we are facing a very challenging year as far as the budget is concerned. Changes being made are meant to preserve the most important elements of our programming - and I think you all know that in my mind - that means locally originated elements that make WILL a relevant and imporant part of the community. I'd appreciate any feedback (especially sympathy)... Thanks. J
This budget crisis stuff just isn't funny anymore.

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