August 08, 2005

Vlogging, podcatching, and other blognomena 

WILLblog and its founders are not cutting edge, I swear. As evidence, we're scrambling to catch up with the linguistics in yet another area of new technology, viz. the video blog. For the record, we're really unhappy with the term 'podcasting,' since it invokes the idea that you must use a specific commercial product when in truth any MP3 device will do the trick. So now comes this thing called 'vlogging' and we think we like it. Vlogging is not, of course, a new form of virtual forestry, but the simple extension of podcasting in the video realm. If you can publish an audio file with an RSS feed (podcasting) you can just as easily post a video file. Since most of this stuff came from the world of blogs like this one, we have (presto!) this wonderful new word 'vlogging.' Still confused? Don't worry, it'll pass, especially with the help of this nice old-fashioned radio story by NPR's Laura Sydell from Saturday's Weekend Edition. As for the word 'podcasting,' we really must remember to never let a former MTV video jockey define the terms for a democratic media revolution. Unless Apple is willing to cut us in on the profits...

i'm an avid listener, and a v-logger

here's my feed


by the way, i work for that ex-mtv veejay - and he is a bonafide genius!
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