February 07, 2006

Eavesdropping on Alberto Gonzales 

If you tuned in to WILL-AM yesterday, you know we aired the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales testifying about the secert wiretapping authorized by President Bush. We were planning to do our winter pledge drive during this time, but something like this is too important to interupt with pleas for financial support... I have yet to find a complete audio or video archive on the web, but NPR.org has a really good page with lots of good stuff: NPR news reports, analysis, hearing highlights, and A Guide to the NSA Eavesdropping Debate. NPR continues to excel at providing more than just the surface. I wish we could get the entire hearing for download, so anyone could use the content for their own journalistic mashups. We need to democratize the media online...but maybe first we should democratize the federal government.

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