July 12, 2006

WILL-AM 580 News Podcast: A star is born 

So here we go again hyping our product. The WILL brand reigns supreme in the news- and info-space. In the universe of pubcasting on the web, we rock. That's not what I'm saying here, I'm being facetiously ironical. In fact I come here today not to bury us with non-faint praise, but to heap it on Jenn Rourke. Who is Jenn Rourke? Why, so glad you asked! Jenn Rourke is a fabulous student of broadcasting journalism who somehow agreed to work at WILL as our summer intern. Her mistake, our gain. What has Jenn been doing to earn her non-living wage as a WILL intern? Cranking out a custom, web-only version of the best of the best from AM 580 news. She's doing this every weekday, editing in news features, commentaries, weather forecasts, and other value-added audio content, including some cool music buttons. Jenn has her own radio show on Urbana's WRFU (Midwest Ninja, 4 to 5 pm each Wednesday). And she's the voice behind the new AM 580 Daily News Podcast, for which you can pick up the URL right here. A star is born...but now that Jenn's producing this, she can never leave!

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