August 08, 2006

Crisis in the Middle East 

OK, so all the Big Media have fully deployed their Crisis in the Middle East logos. We could of course wisecrack about how this is a bigger news-theme opportunity than the Michael Jackson trial, bigger even than Runaway Bride, but of course it's bigger than a news-theme and it's not funny. We had better understand it the best we can, and try to sincerely and fully address it. The implications and complications of the war in Lebanon and Israel, connected in so many ways with wars, conflicts, and contests pretty much everywhere else, must be covered as comprehensively as possible by our news media. Too bad in most cases that's not really happening. One case where it is happening is at the BBC, which too often makes up for the lack of coverage throughout the other English-speaking news media. Perspective, what's that? Aren't there just two sides to every story? You might find more here at the BBC News In Depth website, which also has a Middle East Crisis logo. Sometimes, logos actually mean something.

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